Field activities of PTB at October and November 2017


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  • Certification of annual accounts through chartered accountants
  • Meeting with state bank, commercial banks for credit facilities to growers.
  • Tobacco requirements of tobacco companies and other purchases of FCV, DAC, WP etc on 21st October.
  • Notification of requirements of tobacco companies.
  • Preparation of ADP, laying out nurseries for demonstration plots and research trails in Jampur, DG Khan.
  • Sowing of tobacco at Bobak Sindh.
  • Refresher courses November to January.


  • ​​Publication of R&D branch.
    • Annual R&D plan.
    • Annual Technical report.
    • Pak Tobacco Journal.
    • Annual review of activities.
    • Bulletins/Hand bills.
  • Verification of agreements executed by tobacco companies with growers.