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Popular name : Burley

  Growing areas : Dir and Swat districts in NWFP  
  Usage : Cigarettes  
  Area : 900 hectares(+)  
  Soil types and crop season : Sandy to sandy loam soil.
March to October.
  Production regulation : Production is regulated according to the demand.  
  Fixing crop size : The crop size is fixed after thoroughly publicizing the demand of the Tobacco Companies.  
  Nursery grower : The burley tobacco grower is also a nursery grower.  
  Construction of curing shed : Conventional curing sheds are constructed by growers/skilled persons.  
  Operation of shed : The curing sheds are operated by tobacco growers themselves.  
  Crop prospects : It is used by tobacco companies in small quantities for blending purposes.  
  Assistance to growers :
The Board has established a Research Station on Burley tobacco for education and practical demonstration of latest technology to the growers in the area.
Chemical composition  
Nicotine 2.5 per cent  
Reducing sugar 4.5 per cent  
Chloride 0.001
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Light Air-Cured Tobacco