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We, in the Pakistan Tobacco Board are encouraged by every individual who visits our website as it reassures us that people from the Local and International market are interested in Pakistani Tobacco.

Pakistan Tobacco Board was established in 1968 for the promotion of cultivation, manufacture and export of tobacco and tobacco products, marketing, fixation of prices and other information ancillary thereto. In order to achieve the aim of our establishment, we carry out field experiments at our Research Stations through our qualified staff. We take measures in the interest of tobacco industry. Our primary focus is to facilitate the grower by imparting knowledge through field days and workshops at our Research facilities and Model Farms.

Approximately 110 million kgs of tobacco is produced in Pakistan on a yearly basis. This crop provides jobs to approximately 50,000-60,000 farmers and is a source of livelihood for a labour force of 50,000 in more than 21 factories. Approximately 100,000 persons are indirectly employed through trading in tobacco. In addition, this sector helped by contributing approximately Rs.124 Billion to the National Exchequer through FED in FY 2019-20 and earned Rs.6488 million by export in 2019-20. In order to further develop and seek new markets, a liaison is kept with the Pakistani Embassies and with entrepreneurs through PTBs bi-annual journal on Pakistan Tobacco. PTB is also an affiliate of the International Tobacco Growers Association.

It is my resolve to further improve the quality of our tobacco to encourage its export. Pakistan Tobacco Board website includes a contact us feature for interaction with us. I take this opportunity to welcome any query, advice or facilitation that may be required from us.

                                                                                              Our motto remains Trusted by the Growers.

                                                                                                        Mr. Muhammad Ali Shahzada


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