Light Air-Cured Tobacco


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Popular name : Burley

Growing areas :
Dir and Swat districts in NWFP

Usage :

Area :
900 hectares(+)

Soil types and crop season :
Sandy to sandy loam soil.
March to October.

Production regulation :
Production is regulated according to the demand.

Fixing crop size :
The crop size is fixed after thoroughly publicizing the demand of the Tobacco Companies.

Nursery grower :
The burley tobacco grower is also a nursery grower.

Construction of curing shed :
Conventional curing sheds are constructed by growers/skilled persons.

Operation of shed :
The curing sheds are operated by tobacco growers themselves.

Crop prospects :
It is used by tobacco companies in small quantities for blending purposes.

Assistance to growers :

The Board has established a Research Station on Burley tobacco for education and practical demonstration of latest technology to the growers in the area.



Chemical composition

2.5 per cent

Reducing sugar
4.5 per cent