Services to Growers


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Pakistan Tobacco Board is helping the tobacco growers by various means for the safety of their crops and intersts.

  • Tobacco companies requirements are announced every year at October vide national dailies for information to tobacco growers in order to execute their agreement with tobacco companies accordingly.
  • Minimum Indicated Prices (MIP) for tobacco grades are fixed every year but not less than the Weighted Average Prices of tobacco for the preceding year. This act does not allow retreat in tobacco grades price.
  • MIP are announced prior to sowing period of tobacco nursery and wheat. This gives very open option to growers to opt for the best suited crop to them.¬†
  • PTB Research & Development Staffs are always at of tobacco growers¬†door steps for the solution of time needed problems.
  • Print and radio media services for guidance of tobacco growers are being provided at the of tobacco seeds sowing, transpalntation, desuckering, picking and grading stages. Besides these informative moves the growers are also guided for the better use of chemicals fertilizers & sprays at vaious level of tobacco plant life and on soil chemistry .
  • "Spilled Over Leaf" SOL fund is used for the affectees of tobacco crop growers due to natural calamities.