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Popular name : DV

  Growing areas : Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Okara and Vehari districts of Punjab Province.  
  Usage : Cigarettes  
  Area : 500 hectares(+)  
  Production : 1.5 M.Kg(+)  
  Soil types and season : Light loamy soils, February to August.  
  Production regulation : Production is made according to the demand of the Tobacco Companies.  
  Fixing crop size : The crop size is fixed after thoroughly publicizing the demand of the Tobacco Companies.  
  Nursery grower : The tobacco grower is also a nursery grower.  
  Construction of curing shed :
The crop is generally cured in the open field, however, rack curing of DAC tobacco is recommended for obtaining better quality.
  Operation of curing shed :
The curing/rack curing shed is operated by the tobacco growers themselves.
  Crop prospects :
The crop is used by tobacco companies for blending purposes.
  Assistance to growers :
The latest technology is disseminated to the tobacco growers by the Board
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Dark Air Cured Virginia Tobacco (DAC)