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Tobacco Development:

             The Board has established a well organized extension service by deploying:

                                                  a)    Assistant Development Officers                 19 Nos.

                                                  b)    Assistant Director (Development)                1 No

                                                  c)    Deputy Director (Development)                   1 No.   

              Strong linkage has been established between extension workers, tobacco growers and industry in respect of the following


                             i.   Transfer of technical expertise to farmers through field days, tobacco workshops/training programmes.

                            ii.   Regular field days, tobacco workshops, T&V (training & visit) programmes and radio talks programmes are

                                  taken up by Pakistan Tobacco Board

                           iii.   Model nurseries/plots are laid out on farmer’s fields in collaboration with tobacco companies.

                           iv.   Evaluation of performance of various varietal and zonal suitability trials of different varieties.

                            v.   Findings of these trials are evaluated and compiled/published to educate the growers etc

                           vi.   Curing and grading programmes are arranged to provide necessary training to growers/curers.

                          vii.   Collection of soil and water samples from growers for testing at research stations and for fertilizers


                         viii.   Development/Extension staff is performing Cost of Production survey duty in their respective areas. 

                          ix.   Development/Extension staff is also performing Marketing duties during tobacco marketing season in the

                                  respective areas.

                           x.   Any other surveys like Tobacco Burnt Barn, Hail storm, Flood affected growers and surplus tobacco are

                                  carried out by extension staff.