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Popular name : Naswar Tobacco, Snuff Tobacco

  Growing areas :
Hazro (Attock), Jampur (Rajanpur), Dera Ghazi Khan, Mailsi (Vehari) districts in the Punjab Province, Bubak/Rasoolabad areas, district Dadu in Sindh province and Pishin/Qila Saifullah districts in Balochistan Province
  Area : 7000 hectares(+)  
  Production : 21.0 M.Kg (+)  
  Usage : Snuff  
  Soil types and crop season :
Loamy soils.
Punjab: February to May
Sindh: December to April/May
Balochistan: April to October
  Production regulation :
Production is variable.
  Fixing crop size :
Depends upon the interest of growers, previous year
Tobacco Types Image
Dark Sun Cured Rustica Tobacco (Black Leaf)