Tobacco Research


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1.             The research work is conducted by a team of qualified scientists.  
2.             The Board has constituted Research and Development Committee comprising of scientists/officers from the Board, Department of Agriculture, Research Organizations/Ministry of Food & Agriculture, Managers of Tobacco Companies and representatives of Tobacco Growers.  
  3.             The Board prepares an Annual Research and Development Plan before the commencement of crop season.  
  4.             The research work is carried out at the following Research Stations:  
                    a) Tobacco Research Station, Mardan in KPK for Flue-cured Virginia and Rustica tobacco.
                     b) Tobacco Research Sub-station, Mansehra in KPK for Flue-cured Virginia.
                     c) Tobacco Research Sub-station, Kunjah (Gujrat) in Punjab for Dark air-cured Virginia and Desi/Huqqa tobacco.
                     d) Tobacco Research Sub-station, Okara in Punjab for Dark air-cured and Desi/Huqqa tobacco.
                     e) Tobacco Research Station, Swat in KPKP for Burley tobacco.
                     f) Tobacco Model Farm, Buner in KPK for Flue-cured Virginia tobacco.
                    g) Tobacco Model Farm, Hazro (Attock) in Punjab for Rustica tobacco.
                    h) Tobacco Model Farm, Jampur in Punjab for Rustica tobacco
                     i) Tobacco Model Farm, Pishin in Baluchistan for Rustica tobacco.
                     j) Tobacco Model Farm, Dadu in Sindh for Rustica tobacco.
   5.            The objectives of research are:  
                     a) To improve the yield of different types of tobacco per unit area.
                     b) To improve the quality to meet the increasing domestic demands and to compete in the international market for exports.
                     c) To improve the grade index of different types of tobacco.
                     d) To reduce the cost of production.
  6)             The Board has set up the following sections for undertaking various research projects.  
    a)  Plant Breeding
                                       Evolution of new varieties with better potentiality of yield, quality and disease resistance through introduction, selection and hybridization for different regions
    b)  Chemistry
                                       To study the chemical constituents of various tobacco varieties with reference to yield, soil and water analysis, aiming at to make appropriate recommendations to the growers for     application of fertilizers including macro and micro-nutrients and to study NIC, sugar, and other constituents of tobacco leaf.
    c)  Agronomy
                                       Determination of appropriate plant population, adoption of improved cultural practices and development of implements for reducing the cost of production of tobacco
    d)   Plant Pathology
                                         Study of soil and leaf borne diseases, survey of pathogens causing diseases and loss/damage assessment. Experiments on control measures through integrated control program     and use of fungicides etc.
    e)  Entomology
                                       Study of life history, distribution of insects, control measures through pesticides and integrated pest management.
    f)  Nematology
                                       Study of various nematode species attacking tobacco, their distribution in tobacco growing areas and control measures through nematicide and integrated pest control management.
    g)  Virology
                                      Study of various virus strains prevalent in tobacco crop, survey and extent of damage caused to tobacco crop and to suggest control of viruses through sanitary measures, crop       rotation, use of resistant varieties and elimination of vectors.
    h)  Plant Physiology
                                      To conduct experiments on topping/suckering and use of suckericides for the improvement of yield and quality of tobacco leaf with respect to nicotine contents, colour, texture, aroma and filling power etc. To establish temperature and humidity ratio for efficient curing and good quality tobacco leaf. To test various energy sources to reduce the cost of curing. Also, to adjust flue-pipes properly in the barns and to set venturi furnace for lowering cost of fuel. To introduce Tobacco Bulk Curing Barn and curing of certain types of tobacco through rack curing method.
  •              Introduction of technology for raising of nursery on raised beds instead of flat land.
  •              Recommendation of 1000 sq.ft nursery area for transplanting one hectare tobacco.
  •              Seed rate recommendations:
                                               a)  FCV and Burley 1.0 to 1.5 gm per 10 sq.meter.
                                               b)  Rustica